Band Renaming

Some history…

This project was originally called Old Bone Orchard, after a line in the Neil Gaiman book “Graveyard”, where the main character walks through a cemetary and calls it “the old bone orchard”. I thought then, that THAT was a PERFECT name for an Americana based music project.

And….. I was right. I was SO right, in fact, that a quick Google search revealed an Americana music project called Bone Orchard, with several releases out already.

Curses….foiled again. One day I will learn to check everything out prior to buying the domain name.

So what’s with the weaving? I get the bones part of the title…

Going forward…

I was in my hometown this past weekend for Pensacon and was driving past Texar Dr.

Now, one of the ways to tell a local from a vistor is how they pronounce “Bayou Texar”. I thought, “That would be a GREAT band name!”

This time I checked it out and the only other thing that doesn’t come up in searching for Texar is a Credit Union. Everything else is Pensacola based.

Texar, by the way, is a Latin word meaning “to weave”. I like to think that the musical genre of Americana weaves in and out of our cultural fabric, so I can live with it. The Spaniards named the street when they were in control of Pensacola, Florida, back in 1696.

I have several rough ideas recorded that I need to ingest into my studio system and begin fleshing out. New music IS coming… I promise.

Brian, Texar Drive